She frequently shops at Salvation Army thrift stores, looking for those unique and special buys. She looks through costume jewelry, handbags, clothes and shoes hoping to find a hidden gem. In fact, she purchased the entire outfit she was wearing at a Salvation Army thrift store, including a beautiful brooch. That’s really not that unusual, except for the fact that “she” is Lisa Guerrero, the award winning Chief Investigative Correspondent for America’s top rated syndicated news magazine, Inside Edition.


Lisa was guest speaker and host at the recent Transformed Treasures, a fashion show and silent auction sponsored by The Salvation Army Orange County Women’s Auxiliary and held at the Tustin Ranch Corps. The annual event features models presenting garments that have been mixed and matched from Salvation Army Family Stores in Orange County, showing that you can indeed find fashion treasures at the local thrift store. “It’s amazing how fantastic these outfits look on the models,” noted Captain Stacy Cross (Orange County Coordinator). “When you know the backstory of the models, it’s really a very special event.”


The models are current beneficiaries at the Anaheim ARC, faced with the challenges and realities of the recovery process, working on their own personal transformations. Weeks before the event, the models went shopping with volunteers from the Women’s Auxiliary at one of our Orange County Family Stores to find their ensembles that would be revealed on the runway.


The silent auction included a large collection of high-end and vintage handbags that accompanied the fashion show theme. Lisa purchased a vintage handbag at the auction to match the outfit she plans to wear on the Red Carpet at the 2017 Daytime Emmy Awards. A bag that was most likely sold at a specialty store many years ago, handed down, then donated, and is now on its way to the Red Carpet. Now that’s a transformed treasure!



“Lisa Guerrero took this to the next level,” said Women’s Auxiliary President Linda Groth. “She is a very talented professional, skilled in many areas, but still so gracious and humble. We are so grateful that she was able to join us, sharing her story and even her own transformed treasures project - beautifully crafted napkin rings and table setting jewelry from her new book, Jewelry for Your Table.”


Before joining Inside Edition in 2006, Lisa spent a decade and a half as a sportscaster for CBS, Fox Sports Net and ABC reporting for Monday Night Football, The Best Sports Show Period, Toughman, Sports Geniuses, Fox Sports Report and Sports Central, but she has always had a heart for The Salvation Army. “I grew up in a Salvation Army home, with the Army going back four generations on my father’s side, and three on my mother’s. When I heard the theme of this event, transformed treasures, it spoke to me on many levels. I thought about how my career has transformed from an actress to sportscaster to investigative reporter and how I’ve been challenged both professionally and spiritually. I’m really focused on transforming my heart to be open to God’s leading in my life.”


The auction raised $4,200 that the Women’s Auxiliary will allocate to various Salvation Army programs in Orange County. “We are so grateful for the dedicated support of our Women’s Auxiliary. These women work really hard throughout the year to support our ministry in so many ways. They are treasures in their own right,” concluded Captain Stacy Cross.